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About Us


LAN Resources, located in St. Joseph, Missouri, was created with the same founders to replace its predecessor Quantitative Resources, LLC.  The principals of LAN Resources, also the principals of Quantitative Resources, sold their interest in Quantitative Resources to the remaining operating partners with an agreement that allows them to continue to provide services in the areas of data collection and consulting; thereby the creation of LAN Resources.  Quantitative Resources, a data collection and analysis company, was established in 1998. 


LAN Resources, LLC is an innovative research company focusing on making data useful to organizations for the better, smarter and faster decisions they have to make.  LAN Resources goes beyond the collection of raw data by assisting organizations in understanding the implications of the results and the implementation of strategies.  LAN Resources is a full service research company specializing in primary data creation and secondary data collection. 


LAN Resources has conducted extensive research in the areas of health behaviors, community perception/planning, customer feedback, education/school based data analysis and public opinion.  Everything is handled in-house allowing for unparalleled innovation, quick turn around, control and accuracy.


Since 1998, LAN Resources, through its predecessor Quantitative Resources, has regularly conducted large-scale survey studies for single clients.  These studies have amounted to more than 30,000 completed interviews annually.  For all of these studies we translated, analyzed, and correlated the data.  LAN Resources has conducted studies for:


Missouri Institute of Health - Circle of Hope

Oregon Public Health Division

Idaho Transportation Department

Northwest Missouri Information Data Mart

Northwest Missouri P-20 Council

Heartland Health

St. Joseph School District

Heartland Foundation

Community Asset Builders

The Missouri State Library

MO Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education - Division of School Improvement

MO Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education - Division of Special Education

The St. Joseph Area Chamber of Commerce

The St. Joseph/Buchanan County Health Department

The St. Joseph Youth Alliance

The Buchanan County Juvenile Courts

The Missouri Foundation for Health

Butler County MO Health Department

Montgomery County MO Health Department

Dunklin and Pemiscot County Health Departments

Wire Rope Corporation of America





Services Offered


A Missouri county needed to know the pulse of its citizens relative to an animal control ordinance.  We contacted citizens, gathered their opinion and then helped structure the ordinance to meet the citizens’ needs. 

A regional health care system needed to know the satisfaction of its patients relative to its billing system—usually an overall satisfaction threat.  We contacted patients who had recently received a bill and asked them to relay their level of satisfaction.  These results were then used to reformat the bill layout and the educational materials provided with the bill to patients.


Why use customer satisfaction solutions?


Satisfied, repeat customers are the key to success in the business world today. It costs about eight times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Naturally, loyal and satisfied customers are more inclined to recommend your company, providing word-of-mouth advertising.



Building a contact solution for a leading K9 supplier was only natural for our canine loving staff. We developed an outbound contact center, an inbound customer service center and a order follow-up program.  In addition, we designed and developed the web contact interaction for www.biozymeproducts.com, with a full-service E-Commerce shopping cart.

A local non-profit needed to contact businesses quickly to ask for their support in a “stop under age drinking” campaign.  We developed the list of potential “supporters” and then contacted each one to see if they would participate.  Sixty-percent of the contacts joined in the campaign.


Why make contact? 


There isn’t a sale until there is contact.